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Hipradermic® is the lightest intradermal needle-free device for the intradermal vaccination of pigs.

Hipradermic® can be used to apply intradermal HIPRA vaccines. Intradermal vaccination for Mycoplasma and PCV2 or PRRS can be performed with Hipradermic®.

  • It is the lightest intradermal needle-free device and the only one that works without a trigger. To administer the vaccine the user simply places the injector head against the skin of the pig, thus reducing muscle fatigue.
  • All functions are automatic and get activated just by pressing a button.
  • Display and LED indicator for easy monitoring  of the vaccination process.
  • It is the only IoT intradermal needle-free device: all the information gathered during the vaccination process by Hipradermic® is available on the HIPRAlink® Vaccination professional application. Having automatic and reliable data is very valuable for pig producers to improve decision-making and thus ensure the maximum profitability of the vaccination.

Yes, it is very easy to use!


Hipradermic® 3.0 is the lightest intradermal needle-free device on the market, ergonomically designed keeping in mind the arm position during vaccination.


As there is no trigger, the injection is easily and automatically performed by pressing the injection head against the skin of the animal. Therefore, muscle fatigue during vaccination is reduced. In addition, for piglet vaccination we have designed a hands-free solution so that vaccination can be carried out by only one person, with the device being held by a metal bracket. All functions are automatic so the users can just focus on the vaccination and there is no need to make any adjustment before or after the vaccination. When Hipradermic® reaches 35,000 shots the device will be exchanged for a new one.

Yes, it will!


In fact, some results show that the efficacy is even better than the intramuscular administration.


There is a large number of resident immune cells in the dermis layer to process and amplify the immune response. For this reason, the intradermal route is very efficient and reliable.



There are many benefits of changing and vaccinating intradermally without a needle!:

Pig vaccines: Why you should change to intradermal needle free vaccination

In pigs, the average thickness is around 1400 μm for the dermis. This relatively unchanged thickness of the skin between individuals offers a major advantage over classic intramuscular vaccination.


To correctly perform an intramuscular vaccination, it is important to select the appropriate needle length based on considerations of the muscle mass at the injection site, the amount of subcutaneous fat, and the weight of the pig.


In contrast, for intradermal vaccination a more universal method can be applied to maintain immune responses comparable to those obtained via the standard intramuscular route (Laurent et al., 2007).

Intradermal vaccination: Recommended parts of the pigs for vaccination with Hipradermic

In addition to this, when vaccinating not only are the vaccination areas important, but so is the vaccination technique to ensure a precise application of the dose.


Having automatic and reliable vaccination data is very valuable for pig producers to improve decision-making and thus ensure the maximum profitability of the vaccination.


With Hipradermic® all the data gathered during the vaccination process is automatically sent to the software HIPRAlink® Vaccination, so you don’t need to fill the information in by hand and there is no risk of errors.


HIPRAlink® Vaccination allows you to set up vaccination plans, create reminder alerts and monitor and provide in-depth analysis of your vaccination activities.

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